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All Valid HTML Tags:

There are over one hundred valid HTML tags, but only a handful are used regularly.

Tags that defines head part of the document:

The head element contains information about the document, such as the title, keywords, and other metadata. This element is also used to link to external resources, such as style sheets and JavaScript files.

Tags that defines structure of the document:

In HTML, there are various tags that are used to define the page structure. These tags enclose different elements on the page and tell the browser how to display them.

Tags to group one or more tags:

There are a number of tags that can be used to group one or more tags. The figure tag is used to group together related elements, such as images or diagrams. The hr tag defines a horizontal rule, which can be used to group together related elements. The blockquote tag is used to define a section of text that should be quoted from another source. The main tag defines the main content of a document, which can be used to group together related elements. The ol and ul tags are used to create lists, which can be used to group together related items. The li tag is used to define list items, which can be used to group together related elements.

Tags to create text content:

When it comes to creating text content, tags are one of the most important tools at your disposal. By properly tagging your content, you can ensure that it is properly indexed by search engines and that it appears in the right search results.

Tags to show editorial corrections:

There are two basic types of editorial corrections that can be indicated using HTML tags: insertions and deletions. Insertions are indicated using the tag, while deletions are indicated using the tag. Both tags take an optional "cite" attribute, which indicates the source of the correction.

Tags to embed external plugin, image or web page:

There are different ways to embed external content on a web page using HTML. This can be done by using inline frame (iframe) tags, object tags or embed tags.

Object tags can be used to embed multimedia files such as audio, video or Java applets. These files can be played directly on the web page without the need for a third-party plugin.

Embed tags are used to insert third-party plugins such as Flash movies or PDF files. These files will usually require a plugin in order to be displayed properly.

Tags to show tabular data:

An HTML table is used to display tabular data. The table tag defines a table in an HTML document. Each table row is defined with a tr tag. A td tag defines a table cell. The th tag defines a header cell in a table.

Tags to create forms:

HTML offers a variety of tags to create forms. The input tag is used to create input fields where users can enter information. The select tag is used to create a drop-down list of options that users can choose from. The button tag is used to create buttons that users can click on to submit the form.

Tags to include javascripts:

HTML tags that allows adding inline javascripts.